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When we started Sugar Pie Tees we set out to create fun, fabulous tees skewed more toward women.  We then setup to peddle our great new collection of tees online.  The e-commerce store was built, payment gateway and bank accounts setup, shipping supplies ordered and label maker and postal scale configured.  Everything was in place and the virtual doors of Sugar Pie Tees opened.

A few customers, mostly friends and contacts from FaceBook, wandered in and believed in us enough to make that first purchase.  Visions of grandeur filled  our heads…we are a global T-shirt company.  Seriously…we are online.  We have the potential to service  7 billion plus customers all over the world.  We grew up with Google so we know about search engine optimization and how to create relevant Adwords campaigns.  Oh, Social Media?  Let’s just say we were on Twitter when it wasn’t cool and our teenagers made fun of us.  Yo, we got this.

Now we are happy to report that in just over 1 year since our launch, we have filled hundreds of orders online and shipped our Sugar Pie Tees to more than 27 states all over the U.S.  But, that all pales in comparison to 1 fact: our biggest customer base is right here in the place we call home.  Columbus Ohio.  Our local sales account for over 80% of total sales, all due to a very supportive community that believes that if you shop local you are helping everyone in the community.  I am also very happy to report that they are absolutely right.

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Check It Out: Not Your Mama’s Craft Market!


Spring is finally here and at Sugar Pie Tees, we couldn’t be more excited! It’s the start of the outdoor market and festival season here in Ohio, and in just 1 week we’ll be pullin’ out our Sugar Shack and headin’ to Marysville, Ohio for the Not Your Mama’s Craft Market on Saturday May 4th, 2013.

We had the privilege to bring our Sugar Pie Tees to the very first Not Your Mama’s Craft Market this past November and it was absolutely awesome!   The vendors that attend this market create the most fun, fabulous and unique items…there is truly something for everyone at this market!

not your mamas craft market

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Great Companies Need Great Partners: Traxler Tees

Sugar Pie Tees may be a ‘Mom & Pop Shop’, but that doesn’t mean that we can do everything ourselves.  As small business owners, we understand that to build a great company you need to have great partners.  Still feeling a bit of the Valentine’s Day spirit this week, I’d like to share a little love with our screen printer, Traxler Tees.

Traxler, also based here in central Ohio, is a small, but growing company.  Founded and owned by Zachary and Erin Traxler, Traxler Tees employs a team of highly-skilled and friendly screen printers and designers.  They are huge advocates for supporting the local community and other small businesses.

traxler_teesSo what is it that we love about Traxler Tees?  I could probably sum it up in 1 sentence:  They are so friendly and easy to work with and they deliver quality work! That’s true, but let me elaborate a bit.

Here is the process we’ve experienced using Traxler Tees over the last 6 months: After we finish a tee design and we’ve created our artwork, we create a mockup that we email to Traxler.  We send our art files, describe the style of tee to be printed on and an amount of tees needed.  We always provide our own tees for printing, but Traxler can take care of ordering any style of tee and quantity that a client may need.  We then ask any additional questions and request a quote. A few hours later (it’s usually much quicker), we get a quote, our questions answered and we give the go-ahead for the job. Depending upon the size of our order, within 10 business days Traxler prints us top quality, great-looking tees that our customers love. It doesn’t get any easier or better than that.

But wait, there’s more!  Since they are relatively small and they’re a local startup just like us, the great people at Traxler understand that the little guys (and gals) are just as important as the big dawgs.  They have BIG business clients with large orders, and smaller clients like us at Sugar Pie Tees. When you work with Traxler, you never feel that size matters…and that is very refreshing indeed. They’re also more than happy to help clients with some basic (but very important) aspects of screen printing: how specific inks will look and feel, suggestions for desirable tee fabrics and styles at good prices, etc. They give small business the service they want and need.  I truly believe that using Traxler Tees for our screen printing has definitely played a part in our success.made_in_ohio_stamped_mockup

Yes, great companies need great partners. So if you have a screen printing job (BIG or small) and you want top-notch quality, friendly service and reasonable rates…give our friends (and partners) over at Traxler Tees a call.

And tell ’em Sugar Pie sends her love.

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