Happy Valentine’s Day From SUGAR PIE TEES!

Adorable AvaIt’s true what they say:  “All you need is LOVE.”

And at Sugar Pie Tees….we truly LOVE our FABulous customers!

Honestly, we think about our customers during every step of our tee creation process, for every tee we make.  Is this fabric soft & comfy enough? Would I wear this tee design out & about? Would I want this tee as a gift? Does this tee really look good on me?

Seriously. When it comes right down to it, we started Sugar Pie Tees to create fun & fabulous tees that WE wanted to wear….with the desire & hope that other people would want to wear them as well.

Luckily, others DO want to wear our tees….and we’re THRILLED about that!


Cute NatalieJason and I have been ‘officially’ in business and selling our tees for 5 months now, and we’ve learned a lot. Many designs and revisions, mistakes and successes. A large group of friends, fans (and total strangers!) have bought, worn and loved our tees….and given us great insight and invaluable feedback.

Customer feedback. We consider that to be one of the most important elements of creating and maintaining a successful brand and business. We always LOVE getting pics of customers wearing our tees. We share them and cherish each one. We also LOVE getting feedback, critiques and suggestions from customers…and we cherish those even more. This feedback makes us better, stronger and smarter.

When we first launched Sugar Pie Tees, we sold our signature MADE IN OHIO tee in a red tri-blend ladies v-neck and scoop neck style, in addition to a red tri-blend unisex crew and v-neck style. The ladies styles were more slim-fitting and very flattering, and our brand was aimed at women…so we created more of those tees and carried them in sizes small through large. We believed that the unisex style would appeal mainly to men, so we offered just a few MADE IN OHIO tees in the unisex style, sizes large through 2XL.

Lovely MicheleAfter many sales online and at a few festivals, we received customer feedback and quickly realized that the ladies tees were liked, but not necessarily the best or most desired style and fit for our core customer base. The unisex tri-blend tee was just as soft, flattering and attractive…but with a more comfortable and flattering fit for more people. We listened to our customers and made adjustments in our purchasing and supply. We also used what we learned for our other tee designs as well, most recently for our ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE tee.  Thanks to  feedback, we now have better-designed tees, happier customers and more sales. You can’t ask for anything better than that.

So this is a Happy Valentine’s Day message from Sugar Pie Tees to our fabulous and faithful customers. We thank and LOVE each and every one of you. We value your support and we learn and grow from your feedback. We are successful because of you and we will never forget that.

All you need is love….and we LOVE you!


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