Introducing Sugar Pie Tees Blog

Hello and welcome….we’re SO thrilled you decided to check us out! We create awesome tees and we LOVE to share them!

Want to know about us?
Well, we’re Kelly and Jason Blanton and we are Sugar Pie Tees. Honestly, we’re just two crazy, obsessed longtime tee-lovers who got tired of seeing and buying so-so tees…so we decided take the leap and start our own business designing, creating and selling awesome tees. We have always had the entrepreneurial spirit and we put our whole heart and soul into this entire process.  We knew that we wouldn’t be able to do everything from the very beginning, but we know where we want the Sugar Pie Tees brand to be — so now we have our plan to get there.

What’s important?
First and foremost, the tee has to be awesome!  Not just the design or the kitschy phrase on the tee (although those are very important aspects), the feel and quality of the material, the fit, the ink used in printing and everything else that makes a tee awesome is so important and evaluated.

There are plenty of tees out there of poor quality and ZERO aesthetic value.  Those are NOT the tees we set out to create.

Some of our designs are oversized, cool graphics…some are smaller.  It really depends on the look we’re after and we mock them up all sorts of ways to see what makes us go, “Whoa….that’s it, that’s the tee I want to wear!” Likewise, the font we use has to tickle us and perfectly fit the phrase.

Bottom line?
We both love tees….we love designing tees….and we LOVE to see people wearing our tees!

If you have an idea for a great tee design, email us and let us know. We love to hear from our customers and fans! Who knows, your great idea could be our next great tee!

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