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When we started Sugar Pie Tees we set out to create fun, fabulous tees skewed more toward women.  We then setup to peddle our great new collection of tees online.  The e-commerce store was built, payment gateway and bank accounts setup, shipping supplies ordered and label maker and postal scale configured.  Everything was in place and the virtual doors of Sugar Pie Tees opened.

A few customers, mostly friends and contacts from FaceBook, wandered in and believed in us enough to make that first purchase.  Visions of grandeur filled  our heads…we are a global T-shirt company.  Seriously…we are online.  We have the potential to service  7 billion plus customers all over the world.  We grew up with Google so we know about search engine optimization and how to create relevant Adwords campaigns.  Oh, Social Media?  Let’s just say we were on Twitter when it wasn’t cool and our teenagers made fun of us.  Yo, we got this.

Now we are happy to report that in just over 1 year since our launch, we have filled hundreds of orders online and shipped our Sugar Pie Tees to more than 27 states all over the U.S.  But, that all pales in comparison to 1 fact: our biggest customer base is right here in the place we call home.  Columbus Ohio.  Our local sales account for over 80% of total sales, all due to a very supportive community that believes that if you shop local you are helping everyone in the community.  I am also very happy to report that they are absolutely right.


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Shop Small Saturday
Shop Small Saturday November 30th, 2013






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